Frequently asked questions

How to become a My Speak Shop Tutor?

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What browsers are best to use My Speak Shop?

Actually, My Speak Shop runs on FireFox, Chrome, and Safari (remember to have the latest versions). You'd better refrain from using Internet Explorer and Opera since they provide a poor quality of video streaming.

Do I need to install Skype, G+, or any external software?

No. Our system provides with a built-in streaming tool, so the external software is not required.

What are the technical requirements to use My Speak Shop?
Flash Player 11.0 or later
Firefox 14.0+, Opera 16.0+, Safari 5.0+
Windows XP, Windows 7+, OSX 10.6+
A webcam and a microphone!!!
A standard DSL line with a minimum upload and download speed of 512kb per call participant
RAM memory 1 GB
Processor 2 GHz
Can I learn using My Speak Shop via s Wi-Fi connection?

Yes, of cource,  the same way you browse all other websites. But remember, Wi-Fi connections are a little slower and more susceptible to disruptions than cable connections. This is why we recommend using a cable connection.

How can I purchase Points?
After you log in go to "Your Lessons" section. Alternatively, you can always book a lesson with a Tutor and if you don't have enough Points our system will direct you to the area where you can top-up your account.
How much does 1 Point cost?
1 EUR = approx. 4 Points