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How does it work?

  • Set your lesson price and enter your availability into the calendar. Users sign up for lessons with you in advance and you will receive details of scheduled lessons.
  • At the time of your scheduled lesson you will be connected live to a Student who has paid for a lesson with you. The lesson will be conducted by means of video-conferencing in real time.
  • When the lesson is over your lesson fee will be made instantly available to you. You can withdraw it or spend on a lesson with another tutor should you also choose to learn a language through My Speak Shop.

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Advantages of My Speak Shop

  • Choose the days and hours you want to work
  • Work online from anywhere at times that are convenient for you
  • Extra work = extra cash
  • Secure and safe payments with a funds guarantee

My Speak Shop is perfect for anyone who wants to make money by teaching languages.

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